Partners Allied Capital Group, LLC provides innovative funding solutions, such as working capital, start-up financing, hard money, private money and commercial funding to small business owners and real estate investors nationwide...

Meet Our Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ford is the brainchild behind Partners Allied Capital Group, LLC.  When you meet him, you'll agree, his journey has been completely amazing...

CEO / Managing Partner
Realtor & Consultant
Mentor & Coach
Father, Husband & Grandfather

Business Background

As as the Chief Executive Officer of Partners Allied Capital Group, Roi draws on almost three decades of experience as a real estate professional, advertising executive, and loan officer.  He has worked for companies such as Haines & Krieger Realty, Kaufman & Broad Home Mortgage, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal, excelling beyond his peers in each position.  Collectively, he has closed more than four hundred real estate and mortgage-related​ transactions, and over two thousand business to business sales in various positions throughout his career.  His total sales volume, including real estate, is estimated to be in the quarter of a billion dollar range.  


  • Closed more than 2400+ business to business sales, mortgage, and real estate transactions.
  • 25 years experience in the mortgage lending and business to business arena.
  • Assisted hundreds of business owners with growing their revenues as much as 30% through traditional advertising. 
  • Completed 2000+ Comparative Market Analysis, Property Valuations, Broker Price Opinion, and Property Condition Reports.
  • High skilled with REO and short sale transactions.


Roi can be defined as a business owner, chef, artist, husband, father of three adult children, grandfather of five boys and a direct descendant of the Rockefeller family. He was born Northern, California, and his life is a true riches to rags story, as he was born into wealth, but after a bitter divorce, the comfortable life he knew as a child all came crumbling to an end.  

His mother left San Francisco, California when he was 9 years of age to a town called Mountain View, and by the time he was in high school, he, his mother, and his new baby sister all became homeless as the result of a second bitter divorce, but this time things were different.  With no money, on welfare and no place to go, Roi’s mother moved them into a homeless shelter.  While in the shelter, they met a Christian man, who opened his doors to a more home-like setting and allowed his mother the freedom she needed to get out of their situation.  

To this day, Roi has never forgotten the kind actions of this man.  This mans actions resonated with Roi as he was raised in Church.  As a result, Roi's current involvement in Church is nothing short of his personal experiences in life.  Roi has devoted his life and is passionate about helping others the way that little old Christian man helped him, his mom and his sister.  He currently resides over the Care Ministry as the Director of Care, and oversee’s the day to day operations of the food pantry and monthly farmers market, distributing over 12,000 pounds of food to those less fortunate.

Roi's acts of kindness let him to work in the non-profit sector for a short period of time, where his role was mentor, case manager, and drug & alcohol counselor.  Learning to listen became a strong suit, as he was able to successfully help hundreds of you men recover from substance abuse.  

So, when he mentions in other places on this website that his goal is to help business owners grow their businesses, he truly means it.  

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