Partners Allied Capital Group, LLC provides innovative funding solutions, such as working capital, start-up financing, hard money, private money and commercial funding to small business owners and real estate investors nationwide...

Start-Up Funding Program / Finance Option

Financing solutions for individuals who don't have business revenue but have a desire to start a business.  

Start up funds can be used for openning a business, consolidating debt, purchasing inventory, etc.  It's up to you...

Start-Up Loans (Credit Line)

Personal Line of Credit for ANYONE Seeking Financing

​​  Partners Allied Capital, LLC is proud to offer clients an unsecured credit line with no business revenue, or collateral required.   No other financial documentation is required and this program is for anyone in need of financing. 

  • Whether you need a startup loan or you’re looking for an established business loan.  You may use the funds however you wish with no restrictions.

  • To get pre-qualified, all you or a cosigner needs is a 600+ credit score! (Must have 600+ score for all three credit bureaus)

How does it work?

  • Qualifying is easy: complete our simple                                              or download and complete the PDF version by clicking here

  • You will also need to supply us with a tri-merge credit report, which you can obtain by clicking here

  • If you decide to Complete the PDF Version of the Application, please email to [email protected] along with your credit report from credit check total.

  • Once we receive the application, your pre-approval will be provided within 24 hours  

The APR is 0% for up to 21 months during the introductory period for qualified clients.  We NEVER charge any upfront fees and you don’t pay a penny unless we succeed! The Lender will only charge a nominal fee once you have capital in hand and you don’t need to come out of pocket for this fee.

Funds are issued as credit lines but can also be converted to cash without paying expensive cash advance fees that most lenders charge.

  • All you need is a 600+ FICO personal credit score to be pre-qualified for $20k - $150k!  
  • If your credit doesn’t meet this threshold, ask a family member, friend or business partner for help! We can work with multiple clients. In many cases, we can still help even if your credit has blemishes such as inquiries, collections, high utilization, etc.

Give us a call Monday through Saturday to speak with a funding
specialist at 725-400-4237 or Apply Now and we will reach out to you immediately.
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